What you pretend, becomes reality.

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Genius Unbound

If you don’t like where you are in life, simply change it. At any moment in time, you can decide that this is not how your story will go and its truthfully just as simple as that. As adults we have grown out of one talent that is the key to our transformation…playing “pretend.”

What I love about children is that they have no ceilings, the moment that they make their mind up about becoming or doing something, they never give up until they find a way to make it work. Over time as we have grown older, we have allowed the opinions of friends and loved ones to dictate our limits. Our minds have been conditioned by society’s view of what its acceptable. We have been duped into being more scared of what someone will think and say, more than we want to pursue what we love.

Now that we know this, we must stop…

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Just Keep Swimming.

Having faith when you feel like you’re going in circles.

“Just Keep Swimming”- a saying made popular by the movie Finding Nemo that has extreme importance in our everyday lives and our walk with Jesus. Do you ever feel like you’re getting stuck in a routine, or you try and try to close a deal but just can’t make something shake, or like all your efforts to achieve something fall through? Sometimes we may feel as if our lives are spinning and not getting anywhere. It’s easy to lose our passion and get discouraged. What do we do when we feel this way? Just keep swimming! Stick to the routine you are in. When God says the time is right, He will provide a breakthrough for you. I recently was listening to a sermon by Joel Olsteen on TV; it really spoke to me. He said to have faith in the routine. Have faith in God. Be faithful when nothing new is happening. You’re working hard but not getting the credit, have faith in the routine; keep working hard. Keep doing the same thing you have been doing. You must trust God and stay passionate when you feel like you’re going in circles. Why? Because your character and spiritual muscles are developing. You are being prepared for where God is taking you. This is your training time. Routine may not be exciting, but it is necessary. You need to be your best every day and on every ordinary day. David was anointed to be King as a young man, then God sent him back to the shepherd fields. He had a King’s anointing, yet was taking care of sheep day in and day out. David was faithful in the routine; if he had not passed this test, he would not have become King. 13 years later, King David suddenly took the throne. Passing the test in ordinary days leads to extraordinary days. Being faithful in the routine is what prepares you for promotion.

WHEN YOU ARE FAITHFUL IN THE ROUTINE GOD WILL MAKE THINGS HAPPEN that you couldn’t make happen. God is closely watching you. He sees your hard work. He acknowledges your hard work. That fire ignited in your soul that you call your passion, your life calling, God implanted that in you and God will see to it that you get to it. Your time is coming; suddenly, unexpectedly. Ordinary days will be turned to extraordinary days. God has explosive blessings for you and He will get you to where you are supposed to be. For example, the story of Jericho in the Bible was a test. When Joshua was leading the Israelites towards the promised land, they came to the city of Jericho but couldn’t get past the walls. God told Joshua to have them march around the city in circles. They literally were walking in circles for days around Jericho. They didn’t know why but they had faith in God and on the 7th day, suddenly amidst walking in circles and blowing their trumpets, the walls collapsed. A great miracle. God will collapse walls for you too, you just have to trust in Him. Trust God when you are going in circles. Do the right thing when it just seems ordinary. Why aren’t you making any progress? It is a TEST. God is testing you and preparing you. Keep being faithful where you are and those walls will come down and doors will open. I know a woman who worked as a janitor in a hospital and is now running the hospital. She is the head of the hospital, the doctors take orders from her!! No bad break can stop what God has ordained for you. No person can discourage you. Disappointment and betrayals are apart of God’s plan to push us into our purpose. When things feel like they’re spinning out of control, they are spinning IN control. Sometimes buildings need to be torn down to make a new and better building. God is renovating you. He won’t allow the spinning unless it ultimately leads to your advantage. Trust Him in your spinning. God says “Never will I leave you or forsake you” Hebrews 13:5 God says “Do not be afraid for I am with you” Isiah 41:10 God says “Do not worry”. Mark 6:25-34. So why do we worry, why do we get anxiety, self doubt, why do we become afraid? God always has our backs, He wants us to TRUST in Him. Trust Him in your spinning, trust Him when you don’t feel encouraged. The right people are going to find you. Promotion is going to track you down. When you are faithful in the ordinary, God will make you extraordinary. God saves the best for last so just keep swimming, eventually you will reach your God ordained destination.


Chasing Sunshine

Must Reads

Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson.

your beautiful purpose

This book awakens the spirit within. Susie Larson uses the power of God and the Word along with personal stories to show us we all have a purpose and how to find and follow that purpose. This book is inspirational and once you open this book you won’t want to put it down. This book is a definite must read and will you help you get closer to God.

When its Time to Flip a Table on Somebody

There’s always gonna be some densebot that can’t see what you bring to the table. That’s when you flip it in their face. Whattttttt??? You want me to flip a table in their face???????

What do I mean by this?

Obviously I don’t want you to literally flip a table over in somebody’s face. “Flip a table in their face” by just doing you and stunting on them. Keep knocking balls out of the park and doing the impossible. They will notice this and realize what a blind bimbo they were being. Be great in their face. Do great in their face. Did someone deny you of something because of some minor abnormality? or maybe for no reason; they just didn’t see the star in you. Did you get denied of a job you knew you were more than capable of doing? Take a job with their competitor and exceed them in sales.  Have you been denied of some opportunity because of your weight? Go hard in the gym and turn your fridge into a surplus of fruits and veggies. Then strut on the beach like you own the ocean once you’ve achieved your goal body. They gon’ be like whaaaaatttt. *table flips* Always remember, Micheal Jordan didn’t make the high school basketball team. You know how many tables he has flipped on people by going to the NBA?? Many! He is a pro table flipper. Did someone say you’re not good enough? not smart enough? Not talented enough? Show them that you are better! Dunk on them, ace your test, beat them in competition. Show the world how GOAT you are. (GOAT= Greatest Of All Time) Bask in your accomplishments. Be confident in yourself. In fact, ignore their misconceptions of you. Their blindness is their problem, not yours. And that my friends, is how you flip a table in someone’s face.


~Nicole Kellum

Bible Verse of the Week

“Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content with what you have, because God has said: “Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5


Detach yourselves from greed and the love of money. It is okay to be ambitious, but there is a thin line between that and greed. God ALWAYS provides. God detects greed within us and will keep us from those desires until we have a sense of humbleness and a feeling of immense content and gratefulness for what we already have. So many of us take things for granted without even knowing. How is God going to bless us with a surplus of even more money, when we are not grateful for the amount we have in the first place? We must pause, and realize the huge blessings we do have, which is an abundance that we have been overlooking. You can’t overlook one abundance in hopes of a bigger one. You must be grateful and content with the abundance already granted to you. So many people have it much worse than you. Yet, still find a way to stay grateful. Some do not, which is why they never find the abundance they are looking for. Sometimes we take things for granted without even realizing. Hot showers in the morning, the smell of coffee, fresh clothes straight out of our own washing machines, Dinner to eat with our families. When you stop and are truly happy and thankful for what you do have, that is when God will start blessing you with more! Amen.

~Nicole Kellum