When its Time to Flip a Table on Somebody

There’s always gonna be some densebot that can’t see what you bring to the table. That’s when you flip it in their face. Whattttttt??? You want me to flip a table in their face???????

What do I mean by this?

Obviously I don’t want you to literally flip a table over in somebody’s face. “Flip a table in their face” by just doing you and stunting on them. Keep knocking balls out of the park and doing the impossible. They will notice this and realize what a blind bimbo they were being. Be great in their face. Do great in their face. Did someone deny you of something because of some minor abnormality? or maybe for no reason; they just didn’t see the star in you. Did you get denied of a job you knew you were more than capable of doing? Take a job with their competitor and exceed them in sales.  Have you been denied of some opportunity because of your weight? Go hard in the gym and turn your fridge into a surplus of fruits and veggies. Then strut on the beach like you own the ocean once you’ve achieved your goal body. They gon’ be like whaaaaatttt. *table flips* Always remember, Micheal Jordan didn’t make the high school basketball team. You know how many tables he has flipped on people by going to the NBA?? Many! He is a pro table flipper. Did someone say you’re not good enough? not smart enough? Not talented enough? Show them that you are better! Dunk on them, ace your test, beat them in competition. Show the world how GOAT you are. (GOAT= Greatest Of All Time) Bask in your accomplishments. Be confident in yourself. In fact, ignore their misconceptions of you. Their blindness is their problem, not yours. And that my friends, is how you flip a table in someone’s face.


~Nicole Kellum


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