Why Believing in yourself gets you Places

Believing in yourself makes the dream work. You can do anything your heart desires. It doesn’t matter how many obstacles are standing in your way or how big, small, old, young, or smart you are. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you you cant accomplish your dreams and that you should quit and do something else or how many people criticize you along the way. Success first starts with believing in yourself. Success is like a recipe. The recipe is the idea, and the ingredients are will power, determination, faith, and hard work. Mix it up and throw it in the oven and wallah! It’s a recipe for Success. You will reach your goals! Everybody’s path to success is different. One person’s story is not the same as another. So just because you see someone doing one thing, doesn’t mean that you should be doing the same thing as them. For example, did you know that Kevin Hart had one of the biggest names in comedy tell him that he wasn’t funny and that he should give up and start a completely whole new career?  Did you know that Kevin Hart had to drive to New York from Philadelphia every single day to pursue a career in comedy and sometimes didn’t even have a way to get there and sometimes wouldn’t even make a dime that night? But Kevin Hart had one dream in mind. He didn’t let any of these things hold him back from his goal. Why? Because he believed in himself! He never once listened to the people along the way criticizing him and telling him he should quit. He believed in himself and through will power, determination, faith, and hard work; wallah! he came up with Success! and that’s what its all about. believing in yourself! Don’t give up on your dreams. Stick with it. You will see progress, you will get a breakthrough, and you will see success!


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