Jesus is Good


When its Time to Flip a Table on Somebody

There’s always gonna be some densebot that can’t see what you bring to the table. That’s when you flip it in their face. Whattttttt??? You want me to flip a table in their face???????

What do I mean by this?

Obviously I don’t want you to literally flip a table over in somebody’s face. “Flip a table in their face” by just doing you and stunting on them. Keep knocking balls out of the park and doing the impossible. They will notice this and realize what a blind bimbo they were being. Be great in their face. Do great in their face. Did someone deny you of something because of some minor abnormality? or maybe for no reason; they just didn’t see the star in you. Did you get denied of a job you knew you were more than capable of doing? Take a job with their competitor and exceed them in sales.  Have you been denied of some opportunity because of your weight? Go hard in the gym and turn your fridge into a surplus of fruits and veggies. Then strut on the beach like you own the ocean once you’ve achieved your goal body. They gon’ be like whaaaaatttt. *table flips* Always remember, Micheal Jordan didn’t make the high school basketball team. You know how many tables he has flipped on people by going to the NBA?? Many! He is a pro table flipper. Did someone say you’re not good enough? not smart enough? Not talented enough? Show them that you are better! Dunk on them, ace your test, beat them in competition. Show the world how GOAT you are. (GOAT= Greatest Of All Time) Bask in your accomplishments. Be confident in yourself. In fact, ignore their misconceptions of you. Their blindness is their problem, not yours. And that my friends, is how you flip a table in someone’s face.


~Nicole Kellum

Bible Verse of the Week

“Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content with what you have, because God has said: “Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5


Detach yourselves from greed and the love of money. It is okay to be ambitious, but there is a thin line between that and greed. God ALWAYS provides. God detects greed within us and will keep us from those desires until we have a sense of humbleness and a feeling of immense content and gratefulness for what we already have. So many of us take things for granted without even knowing. How is God going to bless us with a surplus of even more money, when we are not grateful for the amount we have in the first place? We must pause, and realize the huge blessings we do have, which is an abundance that we have been overlooking. You can’t overlook one abundance in hopes of a bigger one. You must be grateful and content with the abundance already granted to you. So many people have it much worse than you. Yet, still find a way to stay grateful. Some do not, which is why they never find the abundance they are looking for. Sometimes we take things for granted without even realizing. Hot showers in the morning, the smell of coffee, fresh clothes straight out of our own washing machines, Dinner to eat with our families. When you stop and are truly happy and thankful for what you do have, that is when God will start blessing you with more! Amen.

~Nicole Kellum






Knowing your Worth

Okay so we see this phrase all the time. “Girl you better know your worth and add taxes to it!” but most people are passive about this. They don’t apply it to themselves when it comes down to it. People are like “oh yeah I know my worth” but when it comes down to a real life situation they end up selling themselves short. You ladies and gents actually need to know your worth!! Stop with the self doubt. You are amazing. Obviously everyone has areas in their lives/personal characteristics that they could work on. But the importance of knowing your worth is so that nobody can side swipe you of it or try to “get a deal”.

Know your self worth and never settle for less. If you know you’re worth a million dollars and someone comes along and tries to buy you for a thousand dollars, you better not be having that! There are going to be people in your life constantly trying to knock you down, insult you, and get you to believe that your self worth is less than it is. Don’t fall for it! Bill gates is not going to take a job offer as a janitor. Halle barry is not going to be told that shes ugly from somebody and then believe that shes ugly. If you’re a mansion, your listing price is not going to be that of an apartment. So don’t let somebody try to convince you otherwise! A diamond is a diamond and a rock is a rock. Don’t let somebody try to come along and tell a diamond that it’s a rock. A doctor is not going to take a job as a nurse or take a job bagging groceries ya feel me? Know your worth!! And this goes for all factors of life. This does not just apply to ‘girls dealing with boy issues’. It goes deeper than that. This could be a problem with your job, and your boss not promoting you when you know you have what it takes! This could be about people overlooking your victories and playing you down. This could be about performing sports at a Varsity level and the coaches telling you you need to be on Junior Varsity. There are all sorts of situations that this applies to so know what you are worth so people and life circumstances don’t try to sell you short. Don’t take a job with a company as sales person when you have the experience of a CEO. When you know your self worth no one can use you and better opportunities will come around.

Know your worth, cause when you have that knowledge, no one can stop you.

~Nicole Kellum

Bible Verse of the Week

“See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” – Revelation 3:8

God provides us with open opportunities. He builds us walls of strength that no one can break down if you have God in your spirit. Whatever you want in life, God will make that happen for you.

Use this for whatever struggles you are going through in life. Know that God opens doors for us and that no one can shut those doors.